To use LOD 300 for New National Eye Hospital Building in Australia

BIM & MEP | Architectural/Structural Drafting | 3D  Modelling  & Rendering Energy Modelling

Case Study Highlights

Creation of BIM Models

The Client:

  • Industry : Construction
  • Location : Australia

The Objective:

  • To create Architectural, Structural & MEP BIM Models using  LOD 300  for an upcoming hospital project.

The Solution:

  • BIM models for Architectural, structural and MEP disciplines were created using Revit. Clashes were detected and reported. A clash free model was prepared with material takeoffs and project completion schedules.

bim models 3

The Challenges:

  • Input files came with PDF and were not of good quality. Several images and details were not very clear and blurred.
  • Level of mainly detailing required heavy files that were difficult to manage.
  • It adds numerous clashes where the models are detected and reported.

Technology / Software Used:


  • The project completes within 45 days and within the given time frame.
  • If the clashes had been left undetected, it would lead to huge losses at actual construction.
  • BIM-based and material take-offs come with project completion schedules. It helped clients streamline the processes and reduce the overall time and cost.

bim models


The project required development of intelligent BIM with LOD 300 from PDF files for a National Eye Hospital in Australia. A team of modelers and BIM experts was deployed to execute this project of a complex nature.

  • BIM models to use mainly for architectural, structural and MEP disciplines. One detects a clash-free model that project completion schedules.
  • The project required the development of intelligent BIM with LOD 300 from PDF files used for a National Eye Hospital in Australia. A team of modellers and BIM experts were deployed to execute a project of a complex nature.
  • The project commenced by adding a detailed examination of PDF files received as input.
  • These PDF files convert project data into intelligent BIM.
  • Prime emphasises auditing and ensuring the model works as per international quality standards.
  • The models underwent a multi-layered quality check and were handed over to the client.

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