Effective Store Planning Services delivered by Australian Design and Drafting using 2D Architectural Services for an Architectural Designing Company in Australia

Case Study Highlights

The Client:

  • Industry: Architectural engineering and construction
  • Location: Australia

The Objective:

  • Convert 3D scanned images of college backyard mechanical house into intelligent BIM with LOD 300 with Architecture & Structure & Equipment spacing.

The Solution:

  • All the scanned point clouds and images in .rcs format were imported to Revit and converted into a BIM with LOD 300 with all the Architecture & Structure & Equipment spacing details.

The Challenges:

  • Scanned data were inconsistent, a lot of inputs were missing and some parts had to be recreated solely based on engineering assumptions
  • Management of massive volumes of scanned data
  • 360-degree image for an overbuilding view was missing in the input files
  • The process was time-consuming and work had to be completed in pressing deadlines – within 14 days

Technology / Software Used:

  • Revit

A well-known building construction company in Australia approached ASTCAD to develop a building information model of a backyard mechanical house for a college avenue. Large .rcs files were provided, these included point cloud models and parametric images.

The client required BIM with LOD 300 and complete Architecture & Structure & Equipment spacing details. Documentation of ‘As built’ complex structures that have changing spatial requirements is crucial. BIM loaded with spatial information allows efficient management of these spaces. Addressing these requirements not only becomes cost-effective, and time effective but also helps avoid any clashes or damage to the existing structural, architectural and MEP fit-outs in the building.

The Solution:

  • The work started by dividing teams to work in shifts so that the project gets processed.
  • All the files in.RCS format was imported into Revit and divided into sections
  • A model file was set up and modelling was done with 10mm accuracy and LOD 300 as requested by the client
  • Detailed architectural, structural and equipment spacing information was included
  • The missing sections were recreated based on engineering assumptions
  • At this stage, communication was set and approvals were taken from the client for the restructured parts for which input data was not available.
  • With efficient project management, point cloud data was converted to BIM and delivered in a record time frame of 13 days.


  • Ever-changing spatial requirements in the mechanical house  were addressed efficiently each time due to the availability of an information-rich BIM
  • Information-rich intelligent BIM provided thorough documentation of the as-built structure
  • As a result, new equipment set up became easy and clash-free
  • The management managed to save a lot of cost and time in the process of catering to the changing spatial requirements

About Australian Design and Drafting Services:

Australian Design and Drafting services offer a full range of 2D Drafting , 3D Modeling, Designing to Animation and Walkthrough for Architectural, Structural, Electrical, Mechanical and Electronics engineering modeling, to its Australian clientele across the AEC industry.

Understanding and delivering as per client requirements remains the prime focus, for every project that is undertaken. With a multilayered quality check and flexible time schedule, quality is maintained and projects are always delivered on time.

Australian Design and Drafting Services is your innovative partner offering multidisciplinary services for various domains across industries.

We are a leading Design and Drafting services provider Australian based organization providing comprehensive design and drafting services to 3,100 plus – 80% recurring clients across Australia. Enhancing your business operations, making them smarter, faster and cheaper has been our ongoing pursuit, backed with two decades of experience.

It has helped us evolve into a leading customer-centric outsourcing service provider for all your BPO, Software, AEC, and Engineering solutions.

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