Strength of Experience

We are a leading structural design and drafting service provider to provide steadfast support with utmost project quality. With using a wide range of drafting services. Australian design and drafting services have a team of well-trained, knowledgeable engineers assisting the client in the building across design development phases. Among several drafting companies, we are the first choice for Structural Design and  Drafting  Service provider.  We use best design process and offer concept drawings, preliminary drawings to detail-oriented design and drafting  Structural  services to our clients.

Our Structural design and  drafting services  are designed to offer an affordable solution. The professional team aims to effectively decrease the time for designing the product while maintaining Australian quality standards. Regardless of the size of the  project , our Engineers and Drafters delivers top-of-the-notch  structural  design and drafting services. We develop a reliable approach with an easy solving approach.

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  • Our design,  drafters and engineers are well-trained and efficient
  • Our drafters and engineers produce files in various forms depending on the software.
  • Our drafters are efficient and use the latest software such as RAM, ROBOT, S FRAME, PRO-STEEL & X-STEEL
  • Be assured of the quality of work delivered owing to years of experience and expertise we possess.
  • We have well-trained and highly qualified team of Engineers and Drafters to ensure the  Structural Design and Drafting services rendered maintaining Australian Standards.
  • With excellent state-of-the-art facilities including the periodic up-gradation in terms of the latest technology.


  • Our Engineers and drafters have years of experience in various projects ranging from concept drawing to preliminary to detail oriented designing and drafting.
  • Our Engineers, Drafters and Designers work closely with the clients to ensure the project work proceeds in accordance with the clients requirement and delivered within the timeframe.
  • Our engineers adopt structural analysis approach to confirm clients requirements and structural standards which makes it easy to produce graphical interface represented in the form of AutoCAD drawings, enabling ease of access.
  • Our engineers and drafters as extended team members work closely with the clients engineers assuring the quality and consistency of the overall performance is well within standards.
  • Highly efficient team of Engineers and drafters have a proven track record of delivering detailed oriented structural design and drafting drawings, layout plans with elevations, sectional views, complete set of structural drawings both in 2D as well as 3D depending upon client’s project demand.
  • Be assured to experience high quality, affordable structural design and drafting solutions
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