As the best Australian  Design and Drafting  service provider to use effective store planning services, we use 2D Architectural Services for an Architectural Designing Company in Australia. Our CAD drafting services mostly used to optimize, analyze and digitize designs with ease.

Case Study Highlights

2d Architectural Services Design for an Architectural Designing Company

The Client:

The client creates an environment that helps enhance the quality of life by learning and working for the clients they serve. Additionally, the client made a nationally recognized practice that mainly focuses on bringing the highest level of service to clients.

The client mainly engaged in environmental graphic design, research strategy implementation, site design, interior architecture and architectural design by delivering holistic and comprehensive services.

The Challenges:

  • The client conducted store planning of 275 stores. It comes with the biggest challenge for the client to meet the turnaround time.
  • They needed an AutoCAD Lisp programming tool for the project with the help of experienced professionals.
  • The client is expecting 100% error-free drawings along with accurate data. They want the architectural firm to conduct the architectural services by meeting the quality parameters that are specified in it.
  • Technology / Software Used: AutoCAD 2009

The Solution:

  • We have been associated with the client for the last 3 years, and it’s an ongoing project that comes every year between September and December.
  • Our CAD designers changed the area as per the provided new space planning and sent the CAD files to the client.
  • Initially, the client conducted a sample project with the two-store plan executed perfectly. They provided the entire project to us.
  • We started in 8 months and with 1 QC three years back, and now we have 6 man-months and 1 QC working on the project. We delivered the project within the stipulated turnaround time.
  • The quality check parameters are specified mainly by the client, which we achieved very quickly. We used AutoCAD LISP programming for the project, which required specialized skills and knowledge from our experts.


The client is delighted with the efforts put by our experts. They gave us several BIM projects that are already executing.

About Australian Design and Drafting Services:

As one of the best  Australian Design  and Drafting services providers that offer a full range of 2D Drafting,  3D  Modeling,  Designing  Animation, we help with the walkthrough for Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, and Electronics engineering modelling. It’s a global clientele used across the AEC industry. We understand and deliver as per client requirements that remain the prime focus. For every project, we undertook a multilayered quality check and added a flexible schedule. We maintain quality and projects by delivering on-time products.

Australian Design and Drafting Services offer innovative partners that provide multidisciplinary services adding various domains across industries. We are one leading Design and  Drafting services  provider based in Australia. We provide comprehensive design and drafting services to 3,100 plus. There are 80% of recurring clients across Australia.

We enhance your business operations by making it smarter, faster and cheaper ongoing pursuit. With years of experience, our leading customer-centric outsourcing service provider works excellent for your BPO, Software, AEC, and other engineering solutions.

Australian Design & Drafting provides Free Tender Service to all our clients which will save you time, stress and thousands of dollars

Australian Design & Drafting provides obligation Free Consultation Service for all your Drafting & Design requirements

Australian Design & Drafting  provides multidisciplinary Design & Drafting Professionals

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