Revit 2015 Exporting to AutoCAD OB体育ob体育官网.

If you want to convert 3D Revit to 3D Autocad OB体育ob体育官网, we have a simple and easy process.

Open a Revit model, click on the Application menu, Export CAD format, then select  dwg  from the export.

  • In the  CAD Formats menu, click on the three dots that open as modify OB体育ob体育官网/DXF export setup from the display dialogue box.
  • Click on the Solids tab> Select ACIS solids, then click Next.
  • Again, click on Next to continue.
  • A dialogue box appears that define the folder that looks like a new OB体育ob体育官网. Give an appropriate name that you like to add. Now, click on OK and proceed with the conversion.
  • On the lower-left side, you would see the Revit screen that shows the status bar for the progress of the conversion. As soon as it’s done, you’ll notice a new OB体育ob体育官网.
  • Additionally, keep in mind that the Revit to  OB体育ob体育官网 files  conversion would make the file larger, more than 50MB Revit convert into 70MB OB体育ob体育官网.
  • Now it’s time you can edit the converted file. Also, keep a note that objects are AutoCAD solids.

We are one of the leading Australian Design and Drafting service companies that provides quality  CAD Conversion   services  around Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, and Gold Coast.

The process is, first select dwg from the export. CAD Formats menu.

revit to autocad convert drawing

Then select the button to the right of Export Setup.

autocad dwg1

In the Dialogue box, change the load Layer Standards, to any standard you want. You also change other settings on the remaining Tabs.

autocad dwg2

autocad dwg3

autocad dwg4


When complete select ok

In the next dialogue box change the Export field to  and the Show in the list to Views in Model and all the views will appear in the dialogue box so that you can select the ones you wish to export

autocad dwg5

The final part of the process is to choose the location where you wish to save the OB体育ob体育官网 files and select OK

autocad dwg6

Australian Design and Drafting provides quality CAD Conversion   services around Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Gold Coast.

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