150 Revit Families of Plumbing Products for Manufacturer in Australia

Case Study Highlights

The Client:

  • Industry : Commercial Plumbing Products Manufacturing
  • Location : Australia

The Objective:

  • Creating 150  Revit Families  of anti-corrosion drainage products and using product information & detailed Facility Management.

The Challenges:

  • The products to develop from scratch in Revit.
  • It comes with a file size kept to a minimum while modelling the product.
  • Offers BIM objects developed in a standardized format and maintains product integrity based on Autodesk Seek Standard.

Technology / Software Used:

  • Revit

The Solution:

  • Product design specifications and details were received in PDF format and converted into BIM Revit families, an appropriate format for architecture and  engineering documentation deliverables.
  • The project Revit  BIM families to use full-functional products based on anti-corrosion drainage product manufacturers.
  • The work starts through the examination of PDF files offered by the client.
  • Using 2D representations identifies the  engineering data and is used for various sizes of family types.
  • Models for plumbing products were used for floor, roof drain and other highly accurate products.
  • They provided quality checks at each level, and 150 BIM Revit families of anti-corrosion drainage products were handed to their clients.


  • Quality  Revit content was easy to use and came with a reliable range of projects and phases.
  • The manufactured content is used in a format appropriate for architecture and engineering documentation deliverables.
  • BIM Revit family creation helps in plumbing products used for the new standard, particularly for facility management.

plumbing Product

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