When talking about  3D print , they are not just the machines progressing and evolving, but it comes with the materials used to print the products. One of the best US companies named  3Dom  is specialises in offering eco-friendly printing filaments.


It came up with a way to  3D print  and use a material made from beer waste. They named it Buzzed. It consists of the leftover hops and barley. They have added filament to it, which is a visible grain, so the colour you get can  print  inconsistently. It includes the quirkiness of the material along with it.


3Dom said, “One does not require any particular  3D printer  to use Buzzed, instead use a machine that is capable of printing Polylactic acid (PLA)”. One can try  a 3D printer  that’s available on the market. Buzzed mostly uses beer leftovers to create exceptional 3D printing materials. They use the filament in a unique way with giving a finished print. Additionally, the filament helps produce rich golden colour products and provide a noticeable natural grain.

5/5 (1 Review)
5/5 (1 Review)
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