A Selection of Our Signature 3D Printing Projects

CAD is one most powerful design tools for realising new ideas. It allows users to represent 3-dimensional projects. The tool is incredibly versatile that add analysis, design and manufacturing tool. Now get more valuable  3D Printing  services from ASTCAD, which helps create 3D models, replicas, and more affordable consumer products.

We find countless benefits of prototyping services, where our team of specialists supports you to discover ways to get superior results using 3D printing. It adds more traditional manufacturing methods. In a few cases, you'll realise significant cost savings, with faster turnaround and the ability to test multiple designs at one time.

Do you want to test and perfect your product?

Some companies produce prototypes as the best part of the design process. Unfortunately, by using traditional manufacturing methods, prototyping takes too long and is costly. Prototypes use  a 3D printing   service  to create parts quickly, affordably and with no hassle. It does help in saving valuable time and resources. Therefore, we could focus on perfecting your products.

Consider some intuitive controls like:

  • It helps in customisation the things.
  • It offers collaboration with cloud-based cooperative modelling.
  • It supports various file formats and is a vital part of the tool.
  • Use the correct application at the right cost.

Large products you wish you could take on the road with you?

Seeking to  produce large and complex machinery,  equipment or other parts at your company? It can be difficult to convince potential customers to buy without a demonstration. They want to see and feel the product before they buy it. It's not possible with extensive products. But fortunately, it comes with  a 3D printing service,  where you work with small-scale replicas and models. It can easily be transported and take them on the road to sales calls, pitch meetings etc. We are here to handle the product and help you make the right decision.

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