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Prototyping & Rapid Prototyping Services

We are a leading Australian Design and Drafting design services provider who offers  3D prototyping , SLS prototyping, and 3D Printing. We produce working / non-working models of an end product without much investment in time and cost. Our prototyping and rapid prototyping services help to stay ahead of all competitors. Our support team ensures to give all the advantages of additive manufacturing even while conventional manufacturing plastic. We’ll always have solutions to your problem and help you shape your business in a better way.

Our Rapid prototyping services allow designers and engineers to execute fast drafting design services. We use the latest AutoCAD drafting service techniques like reverse engineering, rapid prototyping and creating non-functional prototypes within a short period. We have a team of 3D Printing and design experts who produce the best on-demand parts and fast prototyping designs within a quick turnaround time. Our project managers having years of experience create the best architectural design at an affordable price and use the best design process. Hire the best Australian Design & Drafting Service for your prototyping requirements and grow your business with ease.


Our engineer brings quality products to the market and controls design iterations and development schedules using immediate prototyping services. Our specialist delivers the best 3D prototyping 3D CAD models to evaluate product design before actual production.

Besides the time factor, a huge sum of money has to be invested in the initial phase for materials, infrastructure, processes and people. At Australian Design & Drafting Service, we work with various companies to understand business drivers, project goals and budget. Our prototyping services include the following areas of expertise:

  • Stereolithography (SLA prototyping)
  • Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) Prototyping
  • Plastic injection moulds
  • 3D Printing


Our mechanical engineers have in-depth knowledge of tooling and CAD modelling for rapid  prototyping  with de-featuring and geometry healing. We have a highly qualified professional team that comprises mechanical engineers, drafting technicians, and quality specialists, who can take up all complex assignments.


Here are few pointers why you would want to choose our company as your partner for rapid prototyping services:

  • Full  rapid prototyping service provider with a wide range of prototyping technologies and material
  • We deliver rigorous application of quality processes in every project.
  • Using quality mechanisms at different stages, we ensure the accuracy of the prototype, besides ensuring that the output meets customer requirements.
  • We ensure that all drafting, modelling, conversion and tolerancing errors are detected within the multiple levels of Quality Control (QC).

Get customized rapid prototyping services based on your existing standards and practices. It reduces the overall turnaround time and also reduces cost.

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