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We are a leading provider of digitising services that includes 3D scanning with measurement offering and enabling exact dimensions of a component for reproduction. We have the best architecture design services team who help you with 3D modelling and drafting services with creating editable and reusable 3D models. Among several drafting companies, we provide excellent scanning and measurement services with highly accurate 3D laser scanning.

3D  Scanning  and Digitising is an effective way to reproduce accurate specifications of a product. To make things easy and simpler, you could opt for 3D scanning, measurement and digitising services offered by Australian Design & Drafting Service. We follow a global delivery framework with ensuring that the client gets the best services at an affordable price. We support our global clients by offering highly accurate scanning and measurement services for engineering projects.

3D Scanning and Measurement commonly refer as laser scanning reverse engineering. It opens new avenues for companies that wish to introduce competing products and store dimensional information of a physical product for an indefinite time period. If you are wondering how 3D laser scanning help in  reverse engineering , then choose the best drafting services company. Choose us as our project managers have years of experience in 3D CAD drawings and using excellent design process.

Australian Design & Drafting possess a potent combination of a highly trained mechanical engineering team and robust infrastructural capabilities. Our scanning and digitizing services include:

3D scanning and digitising services

  • White light scanning
  • Laser measurement
  • 3D inspection services
  • Scan data testing and analysis
  • Geometric inspection
  • Class A surfacing services

Our reverse engineering services help you assimilate critical data of how a physical product is manufactured. A laser scan often used for this purpose. Our 3D scanning and digitising services help companies analyse their competitors’ products and develop a better-engineered product for your market. From easy  3D scans  to applying reverse engineering techniques on complex machinery, we have the experience and expertise in working with various industrial assignments. We have a wide range of AutoCAD drafting services that cater to diverse engineering needs.


  • Automobile and Transportation
  • Aerospace and Aviation
  • Hi-Tech and Consumer Electronics
  • Marine and  Ship Building Medical Devices
  • Machine Tools
  • Heavy Engineering
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